Welcome to 100 Floors Walkthrough, your spot on the web for hints, tips, cheats, walkthroughs and strategy tips on how to solve each level of 100 Floors. Each floor is a unique puzzle that requires a sequence of actions, in order for you to move up to the next floor.

100 Floors Walkthrough is great for helping you break through to the next level, when you’ve tried every possible combination. If you hit a wall and cannot pass the floor you are on, simply find the right video from our walkthrough series and study it for hints. It’s that simple. Good luck and feel free to comment on any level by using the form at the bottom of each page.

If you have any suggestions or a better way to solve the level, please let us know and we’ll gladly pass on the information to our users.


  • Jessica

    Your way of solving level 72 seems to be incorrect. I tried your way tons of times, but then noticed a comment left by another user saying that you have to stagger the cars, instead of moving them up in a certain order. If you could change this, it would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  • Renaaatje50

    Level 30 gaat niet open. HELP. Ik kan nu niet verder.

  • nanamom

    Fix level 84!!

  • mark

    hi i wanted to talk to you about gettng your help for marketing several of our apps. pls email me the contact info for the appropriate person from your company. thx. mark

  • Steph

    Whenever I click on floors 11-14 on the Christmas walkthrough it keeps taking me to the video for floor 15. Please fix the links to the videos

  • jada

    I keep doing what the cheat book tells me to do on level 93 and I watched A video about it and I keep try ing but it isn’t working >:(

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